Custom Artwork
by Thomas Burkett and Erin Burkett

Erin R. Burkett


Nova Gallery, Pasadena, CA, February-April 2011

Artist's Statement and Biography


As both a scientist and an artist, my paintings and other works help me balance art and science in my life.  I earned a minor in art, with a concentration in painting, from the University of Delaware (2004), alongside studies as a physics major.  I have since painted throughout my years of doctoral and post-doctoral geophysics research work, often inspired by local scenery and travels in California. 

I am fascinated with fluid behavior, ranging from the fluidity of colors swirling within clouds or water ripples that often become my painting subjects, to the creeping movement of rock inside the earth over geologic time which has been a study topic in my scientific research.  Oil paint is my current medium of choice, although I sporadically revisit acrylic or watercolor and enjoy experimenting with various other media.  



My painting style is a mixture of realism and impressionism, with compositions focusing mainly on the beauty and interplay of color and light alongside the graceful simplicity of natural forms. Exploration of a few degrees of freedom can evolve into a complexity that is much more than the simple sum of the parts, and I play with this principle in my paintings with the choice of colors.  I mix my palette from a few base colors, although my paintings may appear to incorporate more.  I find that a comforting simplicity of beauty and unity emerges from a painting that expresses a balanced complexity derived from the fewest colors. 

Most of my paintings are inspired by memorable sights while traveling.  I enjoy recasting such experiences in an art form so that I may further appreciate the details, practice my artistic hand and eye, and pay forward my experience for others to also enjoy.

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Purchasing or Commissions


I have composed a number of commissioned paintings, in most cases inspired by a provided photograph.  Please contact me at erb.arts@gmail.com if you are interested in commissioning a painting, drawing, 'NameArt', or logo/design, or to inquire about availability of pieces displayed in the online galleries.


Boardwalk Art Show, Ocean City, New Jersey, August 3-5, 2012: 



"Off the Clock" Art Exhibit, Dabney Lounge, Caltech, Pasadena, CA, February 14-16, 2011:

       1st Place "People's Choice Award" for Paintings 






Boardwalk Art Show, Ocean City, New Jersey, August 5-7, 2011: 



"Art of Surfing" exhibit in the Pier during the Boardwalk Art Show, Ocean City, New Jersey, August 4-6, 2011:



 Exhibit, Nova Picture Frames and Gallery, Pasadena, CA, February 16, 2011 to April 23, 2011:




 "Off the Clock" Art Exhibit, Dabney Lounge, Caltech, Pasadena, CA, February 15-17, 2011:





"Let it Out" Caltech Art Exhibit, Millikan Pond, Caltech, Pasadena, CA, October 22-23, 2010: